Yellowfin fishing near Hurricane Bank

DSCF2366 (800x533)_23

Billy Santiago gaffs small yellowfin tuna caught by Captain Steve.

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Catching salmon while mooching off Crescent City

Fishing for king salmon off of Crescent City, CA.  After catching one trolling, continued trolling for 3 hours without a bite.  Due to the warm water conditions and seeing fish deep on the sonar we decided to mooch.  We picked up 3 salmon in about 30 minutes.

Amy was catching salmon so quickly at this point that I wasn’t able to get the second rod setup and fish myself.

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How NOT to catch a salmon!

Accidentally breaking a rod while catching a salmon can be rather interesting.  Off Crescent City, CA mooching for King Salmon.  Warm water conditions put the salmon down deep so we had to mooch.

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Captain Steve shows off variety of Crescent City fishing

Crescent City offers great fishing with equally great variety.  Over the course of a couple of days we caught halibut, salmon, and a number of different types of rock fish.


Typical Crescent City King Salmon caught trolling a few miles off shore.


Nice vermillion and cabazon caught by Amy (aka Broken Rod – see video of how not to catch salmon to understand the name Smile).


Crescent City ling cod.


Crescent City China rock fish.

The lings and other rock fish were all caught on 5” Big Hammer senorita swim baits.  Thanks to Pete Wolf of Big Hammer swim baits!

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Crescent City Pacific Halibut


Uncle Joe gets lucky fishing on board the John Galt off Crescent City, CA and bags a pacific halibut.  Caught on a 6” Big Hammer swim bait.


Captain Steve (aka the Grumpy Fisherman) poses with the halibut that he netted for Uncle Joe.

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DIY Kayak Stability Device

Ever fall out of your kayak and get dragged halfway to nowhere when trying to land the fish of a lifetime?  Then worry no more, with Grandpa Grumpy Fish’s DIY Kayak Stability Device (“KSD” for short, patent pending), you’ll stay in your kayak for the long haul!

photo (9)

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DIY Mobile Kayak Storage

A cart/mounts to store kayaks on and easily move them around when needed.

photo (12)

photo (10)

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DIY Kayak Cart

This little device (plus wheels to be added later) is a great help in moving kayaks around.  The two vertical prongs go into holes on the bottom side of the kayak allowing it to be rolled around easily.

photo (11)

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Grumpy Fishing With Grandpa!

These videos are from the trip to Crescent City in 2012 where the term “Grumpy Fish” originated.  Grandpa had been talking to Wesley for months about fishing and we finally had the chance to go out on the boat.  We found a small rocky/higher area not too far from the Crescent City marina and caught a bunch of black snapper in less than 30 minutes.  Wesley had a great time with Grandpa!  (The video was taken with a GoPro camera inside a waterproof case which is why the sound is a little muffled.)


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A good size salmon

A good size salmon

A good size salmon caught off the cost of Crescent City, CA

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