Steve’s Big Tuna

Caught this 236 lb. beauty on a kite while long range fishing on the Intrepid sailing from Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego. Captain Sam Moore was the captain of the trip. This was the seventh cow of my life and the seccond largest. The biggest was 250 lbs. It was caught on a Seeker rod and Avet 3 speed reel using a salami as bait. It’s fun to catch a fish on a wench. The whole fight took about 20 minutes.

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Underwater video of fishing

This video was taken near Long Rock off of Crescent City, CA. We were fishing from our Klamath 16 Explorer in August 2017. We attached a Crosstour Action camera to our line, about 10 feet up from our Big Hammer 5 inch swim bait. We didn’t know if this would work but the video turned out great. It was really interesting to see just how many fish were down there. You mostly see rock cod but there is at least one Ling Cod that shows up in the video as well. It’s interesting to see how most fish ignore the bait until one gets interested enough to take a look and gets hooked!

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This is a great video of a family of otters in a tide pool near the Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City, CA. We stumbled on these otters while touring the lighthouse.

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Crabbing in Crescent City

This is from the summer of 2018 off of North Beach near Crescent City, CA in 30-35 feet of water. We attached a $30 crosstour action camera to the main line attached to the crab ring looking down. For bait, we bought a whole chicken, cut it in half, and put each half in a ring, using zip ties to attach the chicken to the rings. Turns out, crabs (and snails) love chicken. We were crabbing from a Klamath 16 Explorer. We do a string of 4 rings with soaks of 15-20 minutes each. We lay down the four rings, fish for a few minutes, then go back and pick the rings up and collect/throw back crabs. These were taken in July of 2018 (ignore the time and date stamp on the video, I need to set the time on my camera!)

Small crabs and snails are the first to arrive, then the larger crabs come and kick out the little ones. You can see one crab escape just before we got the ring out of the water.

Here’s another video from the boat taken after we pulled the ring up showing a typical catch (well, ok, this one was pretty good!):

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Yellowfin fishing near Hurricane Bank

DSCF2366 (800x533)_23

Billy Santiago gaffs small yellowfin tuna caught by Captain Steve.

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Catching salmon while mooching off Crescent City

Fishing for king salmon off of Crescent City, CA from our 14 foot Livingston.  After catching one trolling, continued trolling for 3 hours without a bite.  Due to the warm water conditions and seeing fish deep on the sonar we decided to mooch.  We picked up 3 salmon in about 30 minutes.

Amy was catching salmon so quickly at this point that I wasn’t able to get the second rod setup and fish myself.

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How NOT to catch a salmon!

Accidentally breaking a rod while catching a salmon can be rather interesting.  Off Crescent City, CA mooching for King Salmon.  Warm water conditions put the salmon down deep so we had to mooch.

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Captain Steve shows off variety of Crescent City fishing

Crescent City offers great fishing with equally great variety.  Over the course of a couple of days we caught halibut, salmon, and a number of different types of rock fish.


Typical Crescent City King Salmon caught trolling a few miles off shore.


Nice vermillion and cabazon caught by Amy (aka Broken Rod – see video of how not to catch salmon to understand the name Smile).


Crescent City ling cod.


Crescent City China rock fish.

The lings and other rock fish were all caught on 5” Big Hammer senorita swim baits.  Thanks to Pete Wolf of Big Hammer swim baits!

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Crescent City Pacific Halibut


Uncle Joe gets lucky fishing on board the John Galt off Crescent City, CA and bags a pacific halibut.  Caught on a 6” Big Hammer swim bait.


Captain Steve (aka the Grumpy Fisherman) poses with the halibut that he netted for Uncle Joe.

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DIY Kayak Stability Device

Ever fall out of your kayak and get dragged halfway to nowhere when trying to land the fish of a lifetime?  Then worry no more, with Grandpa Grumpy Fish’s DIY Kayak Stability Device (“KSD” for short, patent pending), you’ll stay in your kayak for the long haul!

photo (9)

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