DIY Mobile Kayak Storage

A cart/mounts to store kayaks on and easily move them around when needed.

photo (12)

photo (10)

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DIY Kayak Cart

This little device (plus wheels to be added later) is a great help in moving kayaks around.  The two vertical prongs go into holes on the bottom side of the kayak allowing it to be rolled around easily.

photo (11)

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Grumpy Fishing With Grandpa!

These videos are from the trip to Crescent City in 2012 where the term “Grumpy Fish” originated.  Grandpa had been talking to Wesley for months about fishing and we finally had the chance to go out on the boat.  We found a small rocky/higher area not too far from the Crescent City marina and caught a bunch of black snapper in less than 30 minutes.  Wesley had a great time with Grandpa!  (The video was taken with a GoPro camera inside a waterproof case which is why the sound is a little muffled.)


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A good size salmon

A good size salmon

A good size salmon caught off the cost of Crescent City, CA

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