Crabbing in Crescent City

This is from the summer of 2018 off of North Beach near Crescent City, CA in 30-35 feet of water. We attached a $30 crosstour action camera to the main line attached to the crab ring looking down. For bait, we bought a whole chicken, cut it in half, and put each half in a ring, using zip ties to attach the chicken to the rings. Turns out, crabs (and snails) love chicken. We were crabbing from a Klamath 16 Explorer. We do a string of 4 rings with soaks of 15-20 minutes each. We lay down the four rings, fish for a few minutes, then go back and pick the rings up and collect/throw back crabs. These were taken in July of 2018 (ignore the time and date stamp on the video, I need to set the time on my camera!)

Small crabs and snails are the first to arrive, then the larger crabs come and kick out the little ones. You can see one crab escape just before we got the ring out of the water.

Here’s another video from the boat taken after we pulled the ring up showing a typical catch (well, ok, this one was pretty good!):

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